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History of Canada's Flags and Coat of Arms

The following is a summary of past/present flag and coats of arms that have represented Canada. Links have been added to the website source for each graphic.

Coats of Arms
Proposed arms for the Royal Province of Canada, France (1663)
Great Seal of Canada (1868) 

Consisted of the arms of Canada's first four provinces shown quarterly (New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec)

Great Seal of Canada (1870) 

Original seal was modified after Manitoba had joined Confederation.

Great Seal of Canada (1873) 

The provincial arms of British Columbia and 
Prince Edward Island had been added

Great Seal of Canada (1907) 

The arms of Saskatchewan and Alberta had been added. This was the last time the seal had been modified to add provincial arms

Canada's Coat-of-Arms (1921 to present) 

Attempts to add the arms of more provinces and territories as they joined Canadian Conferation resulted in a seal with a crowded appearance. To resolve this dilemma, the government requested that it be granted its own official coat of arms from his majesty, King George IV. On November 21, 1921, the King assigned the arms shown. A full description and reason behind the design can be found at the Canadian government's official heritage website.


Canada's first flag after confederation 
Canada's flag (1870) 
Blue ensign
Canada's flag (1870) 
Alternate red ensign design
Canada's flag (1873)
Canada's flag (1907)
Canada's flag (1907) 
Alternate design
Canada's flag (1922) 
Red Ensign
Canada's flag (1922) 
Blue Ensign
Canada's flag (1957)
Canada's flag (1965 to present)

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