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Canadiana Vexillology & Heraldry Weblinks

Welcome to the Main Page of "Canadiana Vexillology & Heraldry WebLinks". This page is dedicated to providing links to all Canadian flags and coat-of-arms related webpages.
This site is


History of Canada's Flags and Coat of Arms
Proposals for Canada's flag: Past, Present and Future
Flags of Canada and France - by Chris Pinette (external link)
The Mad Alchemist's Heraldry - by Darren S.A. George (external link)
Flags of the Natives People of Canada (external link)
Knight's Canadian Info Collection: Flags of Canada & Provinces (external link)
World Flag Database: Canada (Provinces and Territories)


British Columbia

New 'Toba Flag (external link)
Digital Design - displays the winner of the 2001 Winnipeg Free Press
flag contest to replace Manitoba's British red ensign (external link)

New Brunswick

Newfoundland & Laborador
The Newfoundland Flag (external link)
Newfoundland and Laborador Heraldry and Flags (external link)

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia


Ontario Flag Proposal - Jonathan David Makepeace (external link)

Prince Edward Island

Flags, Coats of Arms and Symbols from the Island of Montreal
Flags and Coats of Arms from Ile-Perrot
Vexillologie quebecoise et de l'Àmerique francaise
(Quebec and French America Vexillology) - par/by Luc Baronian (external link)


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